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Self-Mastery is the Highest Goal of Man

Rishis Institute of Metaphysics is a center for the dissemination of the Highest Teachings of Truth.

We, at Rishis Insitute of Metaphysics have been pioneers in this field since 1930 when Raymond A. Cassidy, teacher and founder of the school, started private teaching and counseling.

From childhood, Cassidy was divinely inspired by the Ascended Masters of Light. Later in life, he studied metaphyics under Joseph Benner, a minister who had created a worldwide metaphysical organization and who had published widely read new age literature, of which,
perhaps, one of the best known is THE IMPERSONAL LIFE. In time, Cassidy became a respected spiritual teacher and counselor in the Cleveland-Akron area.

It is noteworthy that one of his students of Metaphysics, as well as a life-long, close friend was Dr. Robert Smith, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. And it explains why its concept, philosophy, and practices are basically metaphysical ones.

This world-renowned organization was started in the early thirities and is known for its beautiful spiritual prayers and methods for guiding and helping those addicted to alcohol. All of this shows the majestic power of the Ascended Beings of Light and how they choose human instruments to work through in order to bring forth some great cause to help lift suffering humanity.
In 1943, in co-operation with Regina Eveley Lorr, one of his students, Cassidy's services were formally organized and expanded to include classes; and, eventually, this organization was given its present name, Rishis Institute of Metaphysics.

In 1947, the New Age clinic of natural healing
methods was added. After Cassidy's Ascension into the Higher Spiritual Realms in 1959, Dr. Regina Eveley Lorr who was his co-worker for many years, co-founder of Rishis Institute, and founder of the New Age clinic, succeeded him to carry on the work of the Masters of Light.

Soon afterward, Dr. Lorr and Dr. Robert Wall Crary, another student of Cassidy's were married; and from this time on, both continued to carry on the work of the Masters of Light by making these Truth Teachings available to many others.

This center was created for the Self-Improvement and Self-Mastery of the total Being--- body, mind, soul, and Spirit.